Jun 21, 2009

Jun 13, 2009

Pics from MD sport day.

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MD sport day.

Hey guys. i guess it's the right time to say happy holiday already. right? ahaha. anyway, have a nice holiday. i know i will. ehehe.

Anyway~ i went to MD, which was invited by Amal, ehehe, and there was this interesting sport day that she had told me. and i wouldn't miss the chance. =) ehehe.
oo ya~it was fucking HOT!! seriously. mcm nyasal kn aku makai tngan pendek. betakah wah leh nya hitam putih. ahaha. My face jua mikin hitam ne. padih lagi. i think i got the sunburnt. ehehe.
And congrats to indera negara(Yellow) for 1st place, again. ehehe. 2nd goes to Putera negara(Red). and 3rd goes to setia negara(Blue). For cheerleading, the winner goes to Kesuma negara(Green).

Now i'm exhausted and ready to sleep. i dunno why, this recently i've been having this headache and my face gone pale. really pale. anyway, China!! here i come~ ehehe. =) have a nice holiday everybody. chaw~

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Jun 12, 2009


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Jalan-ness. *lame. ahaha.

I went out with them last week. it was fun. ehehe. although we didn't do anything else other than jln saja. ehehe. but amal balik awal and i was left with the boys until 10pm. but at least i had fun. after the exam. =) stress wh tue yaw. ehehe.


The boys.

Me and Amal, with Boy nyampuk blakang. ehe.

--The End--

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Jun 11, 2009


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